Infuse is a four or five night event intentionally designed to challenge students to commit to a deeper walk with Christ.  Infuse was born from the concept that students need to live such lives that those around them sense that something different, even foreign, has entered into their life and determines their choices.  The desire that we have for Infuse is that the lives of your students would be forever changed. This is an event that is relevant and fresh without all the hype. Everyone involved in bringing Infuse to your area is relational and will minister to your students both on and off stage.  We have designed Infuse to be a way for the community to unite as students get to know their Creator better throughout the week. If you are interested in booking an Infuse event in your area click here, contact us at 615-392-0036 or email

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Based on Vigilance. Modified by Ben Stewart. Hosted by eleven2.