Amped is an event designed to train and encourage your student worship leaders.  One of our worship driven bands will not only come in and bring an awesome concert to your students, but during the day will  teach practical methods and spritual truths of being a worship leader.  Amped works best as a community event to bring together all the student worship leaders in your area.  As they learn how to be lead worshippers, they will also grow closer as a community of believers.  We also have an optional track available for the Amped event for the other students in your community.  We can provide classes on what it means to have a lifestyle of worship.  This track will taught by a Fuselage speaker with a passion to see students leading a revolution on their campuses for their Savior.  For more information on Amped, or to bring this event to your community, click here, call us at 615-392-0036 or email

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