ACTIVATE is a comprehensive strategy we have to reach students right where they are…in public schools! Middle Schools and High Schools are the greatest unreached mission field in your community.  With an average of 12% of all students actually attending church (even in the bible belt), there is a huge need to go and minister to students where they actually are.  ACTIVATE assemblies are an opportunity for student ministries to partner with the schools in a community.  ACTIVATE goes into public schools with a rock band, hip-hop artist and a speaker that will challenge students to dream big dreams for their lives through examples of history makers.  We provide full production for the assemblies and use a multi-platform approach to get the message of dreaming big out to each student.  We have seen that students want more than just entertainment, they want to be part of a movement.  Students desire to be the change that they want to see in the world and ACTIVATE will challenge them to do that.  ACTIVATE not only will challenge them, but will give them various examples of present day causes that they can start making a difference with.  We have met students at schools that have said that they were grateful that ACTIVATE gave them permission to dream.  With so many negative influences in students’ lives and so many negative messages bombarding them, we are excited to be able to go into the schools and share this positive message with all students.  We believe that as the church we have a duty to reach these students and as local churches you can send the message to your schools that they matter by bringing ACTIVATE to them.  A generation is rising up to ACTIVATE the future and make history now.

ACTIVATE at its core is not an event. It’s not an assembly. It’s not a band. It’s not a speaker. It’s a movement.  This movement starts even before the ACTIVATE team gets into your area.  For ACTIVATE to be most effective, student leaders need to be raised up and enabled, so they can be praying for their lost friends and getting people excited about ACTIVATE.  Adults in the churches need to be trained to lead students to Christ, praying over ACTIVATE and helping you in any areas needed.  ACTIVATE is meant to be a community wide collaboration.  The team will kick off ACTIVATE with an evening of worship and prayer for your students.  During this night, the band will play a more acoustic style of worship and the speaker will lead students through specific areas that they need to pray over and will encourage students to connect with new students.  This is a great way to focus the week.  After the ACTIVATE assemblies, we will hold a night event where we invite all the students that have been at the assemblies. In most areas, we have seen between a third to a half of the students at the assemblies come back out to the night event.  This has proven to not be your typical outreach event with many of the kids sporting the latest “third day t-shirt”.  Many of the students that come out are kids from the assembly programs that have never stepped foot into a church before and/or have no idea what being a Christ follower is, but they have connected with the idea that their life can have meaning.  We keep the energy from the assemblies with the DJ spinning tunes as the doors open and kicking the night off with a concert packed full of energy.  The rock band will transition into a short worship time to quiet the audience and get the students prepared to listen to the speaker.  The message of the night connects back to the assemblies by sharing with the students that our dreams come from God and that he brought Jesus into the world to be the ultimate history changer.  We present the gospel to students in a clear, concise way.  Students will hear about how creative God is and that we are created to be in relationship with Him and will have an opportunity to begin that relationship.  There is a time for students to respond and we ask that each area have counselors available to walk students through how to start a their relationship with Christ.  The response to the gospel has been mind-blowing.  We have seen Muslim kids, and kids of drug dealers and prostitutes become Christ followers.  We have discipleship material available so that these students have more than just a one night, emotional experience…we desire to see lives changed.  Bringing ACTIVATE into your community is a unique way to reach a new group of students: to ignite students to make a difference in the world around them.

We would love to partner with you to reach students where they are at in your city!

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