Terry Weaver


“Terry is a great communicator of God’s love and purpose for students’ lives.  Our area has had the opportunity to not just host Terry as a guest speaker, but to also build a relationship with him and his team.  His commitment to those that he ministers with and to goes beyond a “one night stand” that can often be experienced with some guest speakers. He has been a blessing to many students and youth pastors in this area.  Invite Terry and let the adventure begin.”–Steven Moore, Student Pastor – Faithpointe Church, Adamsville, TN

“God continues to bless my relationship with Him. I went before my church this past Sunday and prayed with my pastor about my relationship with Christ. God is so amazing and keeps strengthening me through my friends. Thank you for your messages at camp. God really changed my heart. Thank you for spreading His awesome Word.”–Jennie, High School Student

“Terry is an outstanding communicator who does an amazing job of relating to youth. He displays a passion for young people that translates into changed lives.”–Rob Myers, Youth Pastor  -First Baptist Church, Newport, TN

“Terry Weaver is a gifted and passionate speaker for students that manages to get past their defenses and address relevant issues at hand. Teens listen when he speaks, and for any youth worker, that should be a priority.”–Marty Estes, Minister to Students- First Baptist Church, Adamsville, TN

“Last night was truly amazing thank you SO much. I am forever changed!”–Bailey, High School Student

“Terry Weaver is a great communicator with students. From the minute that Terry took the stage he had the attention of my students both during the funny stories and the serious points of the message.”–R. Scott Miller, Student Pastor -First United Methodist Church, Milford, OH

“Terry’s message comes across Loud and Clear. Loud because his message is backed by his character; Clear because his ministry is Biblically based, driven by a passion for God, and his love for young people.”–Steve, Assistant Pastor

“Terry has a deep compassion for the needs and hurts of students that is manifested when he speakers, his godly character was obvious to our leaders and our students…I highly recommend him to speak to your students. ”–Scott, Jr. High Pastor

For over fifteen years Terry Weaver has been traveling extensively, challenging tHIS Generation about the message of the cross and the purpose God has for their lives. This journey has taken him across the country and to several foreign countries, including Texas. Along the way there have been stops at various events including camps, retreats, revivals, Disciple-Nows, Rallies, conferences, workshops, leadership training, concerts, festivals, theme nights, all-nighters, crusades, church services, youth groups, Christian schools and college chapels. If he’s speaking to students for one of the largest churches in America, or on a Sunday morning at one of the smallest, the message stays the same. He has a passion for tHIS Generation, whether it is youth, college students, or young adults. Terry wants every person he encounters to know that God loves them more than they could ever imagine and that God desires to have a relationship with them!

Terry grew up in a church that was spiritually dead, and caught up more in religious activity than a passionate pursuit of the Son of God. At age 5, Terry “prayed the prayer” of salvation, and during his childhood had the head knowledge of Christ while going through the motions of a “church kid”. When he was 12, Terry surrendered his life to Christ through a public profession of faith. From a young age, he knew that God was calling him into a full-time ministry. God was opening doors for Terry to speak right away. Just after his 16th birthday, he has the chance to speak to over 3000 students attending a conference. As a result of this experience he became a Youth Pastor at the age of 18. The passion that he has for tHIS generation has caused him to step out on faith and develop the traveling speaking ministry that has become so much more than that with Fuselage.

As part of tHIS Generation, he knows the struggles and issues that students today are facing. Having grown up in a broken home, he understands the heartbreak and rejection associated with divorce and not having a consistent father figure. He grew up living with his Mother and by the time Terry reached 18 his Mom had been married and divorced four times. Through those tough times, Terry realized that there was someone who loved him deeply, Jesus was and is the Dad that will always be there, and Jesus will never change. Terry masterfully takes issues that are facing tHIS Generation, and applies Biblical truth to them. He uses fresh, cutting edge methods to convey the timeless, relevant message of Jesus Christ.

Terry’s heart is to see lives changed and brought into the kingdom of God. He is driven by a passion to see students 100% committed to Christ. Terry is constantly challenging students to live out their faith in a radical way. He strongly believes that worship is more than a song we sing, but a life we live. Developing ministry driven artists and bands that are dedicated to worship is an integral part of FUSELAGE the ministry Terry founded. The ultimate goal is to see a generation that hangs out at the foot of the cross.

Terry and his wife, Leslie currently reside outside of Nashville, Tennessee with their feisty miniature schnauzer, Gibson.

God has given Terry a special gift in his ability to communicate the Truth of the Gospel. His deepest desire is to draw others to Jesus and encourage Christians to go “deeper” in their walk with God. One way that Terry does this is through spending time with students. By attending the weekend football games, bowling, campus clubs, or simply hanging out; he learns where they are and how to convey the message of the cross so they will grasp its meaning. One student recently shared, “I like the way Terry approached his message, he did not just throw the Bible at us, but made it real and presented it in a way that I could understand.”

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