Moses Uvere

Moses Uvere

“Moses Uvere is a force of nature.  Like an earthquake, seemingly out of nowhere, he rocked the room.  Moses connects to every person in unique ways and displayed humility and a passion for Christ in every moment.”–David Runnels, Student Pastor–First United Methodist Church, Lufkin, TX

“Moses Uvere uses his high level of skill and charisma as a larger than life hip hop “superstar” to effectively deliver an essential positive message to those in the audiences he performs for. As his influence and impact continue to skyrocket with his rapidly growing fanbase, Moses is an important voice for this generation.”–Ted Bruun, The Extreme Tour

“In a world where hate and deceit reigns, Moses Uvere represents hope.” —

“Moses was a great part of our ministry event. His music was professional and had a great sound. He was filled with energy and had a heart for, not just the Lord and the ministry, but for the students. My youth loved Moses. I look forward to “leaning to the side” with him at another event soon.” — Dave Vandergriff, Keltys First Baptist Church

“Moses not only did a great job of keeping people engaged musically through his Christian lyrics, but he was a testimony of Christ’s love on and off the stage.”– Pastor Dan Cosentino, First Christian Church

Born and raised in Dallas Texas, Moses Uvere was the first born to Patience and Gabriel Uvere, immigrants who came to America to seek the “American Dream.” Being brought up by parents from a different country, Moses witnessed first hand what the “American Dream” was all about and the struggle to achieve a better life. Living in poverty stricken areas Moses had an up close view of growing up poor, sharing clothes with his brothers, wearing hand me downs, and not getting much during the holidays. Moses was an active kid who always played sports and was a fine football prospect in high school where his career was cut short. Due to the fact that his mom left the family, he the eldest of the four, had to grow up quickly to help his dad raise his two little brothers and his little sister. “The things in my life didn’t break me, but made me the man I am today.”

Music had always been apart of his life and after being in the group Minority Authority for a few years, Moses struck out on his own. He met up with Dustin Cavazos who produced his latest release, From Worse to Better. The album is a reflection of past experiences that he has seen and lived, and is influenced by artists such as Kanye West, Common, Pigeon John, Issac Hayes, and Musiq Soulchild.

The National recording artist from Dallas TX has independently he released the debut album titled “From Worse to Better”. Moses Uvere is also the first indie artist to be featured in and also He is also being sponsored by Aphesis Clothing and Devoted Clothing. Moses had played with notable artists like Paul Wall, Grits, Playaz Circle,Big Pooh (From Little Brother), Chingo Bling ,Deepspace 5, Brallie, Othello, Manafest, and Fellow Ministers such as Jeanne Mayo, Benny Perez, David Wilkerson, Reggie Dabbs, Robert Madu, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Sharlok Poems, Propaganda, Red Cloud, DJ Stibs He has also appeared on the Television show Family Net with In Touch Ministries and Dr. Charles Stanley based in Atlanta, Georgia. He was the 2008 West Texas Talent Show Winner. He has toured nationally 5 times in the last 2 years with the extreme sports tour (3 times) The Back On My Grind Tour with DJ Promote from syntax records(once) and The Candy Coated Tour with “The DRAMA SCIENCE”from Bulwark Records (once) and already has performed in festivals such as Atlanta Fest and Indie Life Festival in Louisville, Kentucky

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