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Between current news events and stories we hear from youth pastors in different areas of the country, we are seeing over and over how hurt our students are. Young people are walking the halls of our schools, in our neighborhoods lacking hope and purpose.

Many of us that work with students are asking what can be done to really reach these students and see lives changed for the better.

One of the greatest problems we have in student ministry is that 85% of our high school and middle school students in the US are NOT involved in church.  Students are not walking through our doors, and we are missing a huge opportunity to minister to them.  This fact has shook our ministry to the core and caused us to begin to think differently about how we are going to reach these students.  Out of this need and burden to reach the lost, ACTIVATE was born.

ACTIVATE is a comprehensive strategy to reach students where they are…in public schools.  This effective program will not only make a positive difference in your community as a whole, but it will expose your student ministry to just about every student in your community.  We partner with local churches to reach kids through:

–A high energy, state of the art assembly program with a rock band, hip hop artist and speaker that will challenge students to make a difference in the world around them

–An outreach rally where we are able to clearly and effectively present the gospel

–Follow up curriculum for the schools to use in the classroom

–Discipleship material for students that respond to the gospel

–Opportunity for your students and churches to serve the schools through service projects

–In every town ACTIVATE has been a part, we have seen 1/3-1/2 of the students we see at the assemblies come back for the night rally and at least 10% of those students make first time decisions to follow Christ!  (In smaller towns, that number seems to be bigger)  This is a crazy opportunity to see massive amounts of students make new church homes!

ACTIVATE has transformed communities that we have been a part of and we are excited to reach new communities in 2013! We would love to talk to you about reaching the students in your area with this innovative program.

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