We want to give you guys a chance at getting an amazing resource that will be useful for your student ministry, a newly released book called “Greater” by Pastor Steven Furtick out of Elevation Church. We had the opportunity to get a sneak peak of this book and the small group material that goes with it.  We have some fun giveaways tied with this release and will let you know at the end of this blog how you may get your hands on this.

“Greater” dives into the idea that God wants each and every one of us to live a life with the confidence that God wants to accomplish something in us that is beyond what we can imagine for ourselves. Living a “greater” life means looking for opportunities to make your world around you a better place, having a servant’s heart and just being ready to be used by God in amazing ways!

We LOVE the premise of this book, and through the ACTIVATE events we do are challenge students into this very kind of living. We have seen students all around the country who are desperate to make positive differences in the world around them, and sadly we have also heard from many of these students that no one has ever told them that they could do anything GREAT. Its heartbreaking to know how many hurting students are out there that just don’t know that they have the ability to have big dreams for their lives. It is our passion to see a generation rising up that is unabashedly going after God’s huge plans for their lives.

Its not only students who struggle with dreaming big, we adults have this same problem.  We talk to Student Ministers all the time who are settling for a life that is less than what God has for them.  The routine sets in. Dealing with church budgets, demands from other staff members, and trying to juggle it all quickly can turn your calling into “just another job”.  Awhile back we got an email from a high school teacher that met our team at an ACTIVATE.  She teaches at a small school in a town so small that the entire county goes to one school and was ready to stop teaching.  In her email, she thanked our team for not only challenging the students to go after the dreams in their lives, but to remind her of her dream of being a teacher and making a difference in her students’ lives.  Getting a new perspective on her calling was what she needed to see her job in a whole new way and to pour into the lives of her students.

“Greater” talks about how sometimes just having a change in perspective is all you need to live the greater life that we are called to.  It also really gives practical steps using examples from Elisha’s life in what to do what you deal with setbacks and doubts with God’s calling.  We think these principles are so important for students to have early on in life and see this book as a good tool to use in a small group setting as well. (Which brings us to the GIVEAWAY!)

There are a couple things you can win this week!  The first giveaway is one copy of “Greater” along with the small group DVD curriculum.  To win that, all you need to do is leave a comment on the blog about what your dream is for your student ministry.  Whatis your “greater”?  We will randomly choose one winner from the comments! The second giveaway is through our Twitter feed and it is one copy of Greater.  Follow us on Twitter @fuselage and we will choose one winner from our new followers.  If you don’t follow us yet, please do so and if you are a follower already, please tweet this blog to your followers.

Both winners will be chosen next Tuesday, Sept. 11. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!


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