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Marty Estes, who happens to be one of the coolest Student Pastors I know, was taken by ambulance to the hospital yesterday afternoon. Marty is in the ICU with two HUGE blod clots in his lungs. Marty has been a Student Pastor for the last 8 years in the small town of Adamsville, TN with his awesome wife Erin and their son and daughter. To say that he is overworked and underpaid would be an understatement.  This morning, he was lying in the hospital bed stressing about how the medical bills for this stay were going to get paid because his insurance is so bad that there will be a big out of pocket expense.  Marty is the poster-child for ministry burnout and it has caught up with him. The second thought on his mind after his family is the students that he serves with his whole heart. There rarely is a night that goes by that there is not students hanging out at his house. I don’t know any student pastor that is pouring as much into “making disciples” as Marty is.  The students he serves are why he is in ministry and God is using him in great ways with the students in Adamsville.

Hearts of Saints and Terry Weaver have been to Adamsville, TN several times ministering alongside Marty. They were there in February and saw tons of students come into relationship with the Son of God.  They are planning to head back to Adamsville in the weeks ahead to do a night for Marty and ask community to help with the family’s financial need with these extra medical expenses.  So here is what we are asking:   would you guys come alongside us and Marty and give big to cover the necessary expenses and all of the money we raise that night can go to bless Marty and his family?  We need to cover hotels, meals, some travel expenses, and the cost of the production for the night. We are working out details as we speak to make this work.  We are firm believers that the big “C”hurch has to be the hands and feet of the Gospel.  We have an amazing opportunity in front of us to make a real difference for a fellow minister.  We don’t make it a habit to come to you guys asking for help, but we believe this is a family that could really use all the help we all can give.  Would you please click this link to give whatever you can.  Thank you!  We can’t wait to let you all know what your gift will mean to Marty and his family.


What an amazing night in Adamsville!  The people of this town came out in full force to show their love and support for Marty.  God blew this family away with doing what only He can do…going above and beyond.  On the financial side, through the gifts from students and adults and other provisions Marty’s medical bills are not only paid but he has a fund that will pay the follow up visits that he has to take.  AMAZING!!!  The night was also great because we saw even more students in this town begin a relationship with Christ.

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